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August Sip & Sweat Challenge

This month, we're bringing you the ultimate wellness journey with flexibility and convenience! Choose your path to health by participating in our 31 day challenge:

  1. 🍹 Sip: Commit to your well-being by replacing one meal daily with a Juice of your choice!

  2.  💪Sweat: Challenge yourself with at least three weekly workouts, whether it's yoga, jogging, dancing, or any movement that energizes you!

Choose Your Path: Embrace the benefits of nourishing your body with nature's goodness, and decide between DIY or a Juice Package. We'll support your wellness journey all the way! 


Accountability!: Be part of our Juicing for Health Facebook community! Share progress, tips, and homemade juice masterpieces with fellow participants. Join The Group!


Completion Reward: Celebrate your commitment! Finish the challenge and receive a $20 voucher for our juices, a token of appreciation for your dedication to wellness! (We will send you a chart to track your progress on August 1st)



🍅 Nourish & Nurture: Embrace the power of plant-based nutrition! Cut out processed foods and incorporate wholesome fruits and veggies into your meals, complementing the benefits of our juices that provide a burst of essential nutrients to fuel your body and support your wellness journey.

🚫 Alcohol-Free August: Take the opportunity to reset your body and mind! Experience the amplified energy, improved sleep, and mental clarity that comes from an alcohol-free August! Your well-being is worth it!

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Ready to join the challenge!?
Start Here!

You can purchase the Juice Delivery Package on our Order Online Page! (Please place order before August 1st!)

Yay!!  Congrats on making your wellbeing a priority!

🚚Option 1: Juices Delivered to Your Door!

Busy schedule or seeking ease? Choose our Juice Package! Every Tuesday starting August 1st, we'll deliver 7 juices of your choice, custom-picked to your preferences (3 the last week). Plus we will include one ginger lemon shot each week for an immune system boost (total of 4).


These juices will be your wellness companions throughout the week, empowering you to substitute one meal each day with one of our juices!

🥤 Option 2: DIY Juice Journey!

For all the juice enthusiasts and creative souls out there, opt for the DIY Juice Journey! Make your own fresh juice at home once a day, selecting from our recipe suggestions or creating your unique blends. Feel the pride of crafting your personalized, nutrient-packed creations!

We workout at: 

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